Go Dutch And Save On Cuisinart Cast-iron Cookware Starting At 55

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Galaxy Z Fold 2: Samsung fixes the ugliest thing about the foldable phone The new Samsung Tab S7 blurs the line between tablet and laptop If you need a mouse for working from home, I recommend looking for ones with sensors that work on almost all surfaces, including glass, such as the Logitech MX mice. These models also let you connect to up to three devices by Bluetooth or their included USB adapters so you can quickly switch control between computers.

They can be pricey, however, and, if you don't need to work on a glass table, most newer mice will work on anything other than glass or reflective surfaces. Microsoft Bluetooth mice are pricier than ones that use 2.4GHz wireless adapter like the AmazonBasics mouse. Windows users who are able to spend a bit more might be better served by Microsoft's Sculpt Comfort Mouse, a slightly with a Start menu quick-launch button that can be remapped for other functions.  I hate to break it to you, but we're moving full steam into cast-iron cooking season.

(Don't shoot the messenger, please.) While summer is by no means over, fall stews, soups and braises are creepin' around the corner and a cast-iron enameled Dutch oven may be the best way to ready yourself. Right now, Amazon has three pieces of the good stuff -- available in either peony pink or cobalt blue -- on major discount, some down as much as $60. This is a smart time to buy cast iron too, since it's right before the demand really hits.

(Hence Le Creuset's Factory sale, also taking place now if you're looking for a luxury Dutch oven.)  Pixar takes you on a jazz odyssey for this musical animation, which stuck to its planned early summer release date for a while. Disney has so many films in the schedule it wasn't clear when there'd be a new Agen Slot Idn Terpercaya for Soul should theaters remain closed, but it's now been moved to November.   Warner Bros held out until March 24 before announcing that Wonder Woman 2 would be delayed, but as with most other blockbusters postponed it was clear the DC comics sequel would have to move from its planned June release date.

Where many big movies moved much later in the year or were taken off the slate entirely, Wonder Woman 1984 originally committed to hitting theaters on Aug.